Autumn Fairy – Finished painting

Hello! It’s been a short while since my last post – I’ve been busy in the studio and began work on another addition to the fairy collection.  But before I talk about that, I must first apologise for the delay in posting the finished version of “Autumn Fairy”. The reason for the delay was simply down to the fact that I wasn’t sure that it was complete – This is fairly common for me to feel when nearing the completion of a painting, (and no doubt many other artist go through the same) hence the reason for leaving the painting for a little time to rest and dry.  And so after living with it for a week I’ve made a few more of those all important `completing’ brush marks and I’m now happy to say it’s ready for you all to see! – And I‘m happy very with the results!

I feel there’s a good balance between the swirling of the leaves and calmness of her form- she is the equilibrium of serenity and chaos!

I hope you enjoy the painting – You can also find a picture of her in the “Surreal Collection” Gallery….bye for now.

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