Autumn fairy painting

There’s so much beautiful autumnal scenery to see at the moment – I’m full of inspiration! 


Work in the studio this week has been very productive. I’ve began to work in earnest (before the season changes) on my latest addition to the Fairy collection– the Autumn Fairy (in homage to J.A.Grimshaw).  Luckily the light has been good for the most part, which is most important as I like to use natural light were possible. Here’s a photo of autumn fairy in progress.



A few words about the technical process – I started the painting with a line drawing which was then reinforced with a thin layer of diluted paint, of burnt umber mixed with lamp black and thin down with a little turpentine and liquin (a fast drying medium). This was left over night to dry and the following morning I began to add the colour; first  starting with the face as this is the most important feature of the painting and then moving on to the body and surrounding areas.

I’m now process of building up texture on the canvas, using flake white (oil paint) and a palette knife – I love this part, its great fun! This technique is more sculpting than painting. It really allows me to add movement and energy to the painting, which hopefully will show in the end result.

Ok, it’s back to work – If all goes well I’ll post something over the weekend.

Bye for now

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