Finishing Touches – Autumn Fairy painting

A great weekend in the studio –  I’m now just putting finishing touches to the `Autumn Fairy’ painting,  and very pleased with the way it’s looking – there’s just the right amount of texture and detail. 

I’ll leave it now for a day or two for the paint to settle  and dry a little, and also see if there are any final touches that need to be added.

Technical Note – you can see in the photo that I’m resting on a piece of wooden dowelling, called a Maul-stick  which has a soft ball of leather at the top (that is just out of view). It is used to help steady the hands whilst painting – which is especially useful when working on wet canvases. Normally you can rest the maul-stick on the edge of the canvas but in this instance I had to rest it the middle of the easel as the whole of the white area of the painting including the edge was still very wet.

I’ll post a photo of the final painting in a few days time – once I’m happy that it’s completed.

Bye for now

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