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  • Great to look at the website Damian. Such a range of work and some really atmospheric music. Looking forward to working with you more.

  • Once again the magic of Clark’s work is apparent. Great to see a new fresh website layout and artwork, I’ve not had the privilege of seeing up close as yet. Always a wonder & mesmerising to look at very good new collection but I have to say, loving his ON BLACK series too.. What further can one say.. Accolade for sure.

  • Already got some of Damian’s work on my wall and I have to say how impressed I am with his new collection. A stickler for perfection and a wonderful human being to know. Love the new stuff and the attention to detail, again is wonderfully apparent, as it always is in Damian’s work.

  • Damian is a dedicated and passionate artist, with a fine ability to capture the true essence and atmosphere of a scene. His bold but delicately executed paintings lead the viewer in to a world of wonder and bring a feeling of warmth and purity to the heart.

  • Wow, really enjoying the new collection. An illustration of the detail that Damian always strives to see that the rest of us often miss…and we just thought he was gazing blankly into the distance!
    A sucker for the surreal – also some outstanding imagery in the Surreal Collection that I haven’t seen before, great ideas expertly visualized.

  • I am lucky to own several paintings by Damian Clark, one from the impressionistic collection painted upon black, the subtle colour palette and marks are suggestive and allows the viewer’s imagination to complete the story.

    Also a commission of Lord Todd, the cat with whom I have the privilege to live with, Damian has captured his nonchalant disposition well.

  • Damian’s works explores new boundaries and always surprises me with his thoughts and vision expressed in his art.

  • What words can do justice to Damian and his work?

    ‘Creative explorer’, however, is the perfect place to start, and as good a description one can muster.

    His work covers an eclectic breadth of emotion, superb execution and unfathomable depth.

    It is imperative to witness his astounding works with both head and heart…it moves the spirit, whilst the head tries to figure out ‘that this is one Artist creating a multitude of themes’

    His standards as an Artist, and more fundamentally, as a Human being, are, I believe , what fuels the widescreen creations he gives birth to…full of vision, scope, tenderness, honesty and integrity.

    Damian is one of those rare Artists, especially in the modern age, where technical virtuosity has masked the ‘Soul of much Art’…and not just in Art galleries, I hasten to add…He is one who connects with the ‘source’ of where true creativity resides..whilst his own virtuosity remains intact.

    He allows himself the space for highly original work to gestate and take form.

    I’ve also been privileged to work with him on music collaboration…he is as tenacious in detail with the production of music landscapes and song as he is with his visual practice.

    No more florid elaboration is needed?

    Check out the Man and his work…a special rare talent indeed.

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